Welcome to Recursive’s 12 Week Strength Program!

This program is geared toward individuals who are interested in increasing whole body strength.

We will work on the 4 big lifts (Deadlift, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Bench Press). We will also work on ancillary, bodyweight movements (dips, pull ups, push ups, handstands, GHD sit ups, etc.) And you’ll see some single arm and single leg movements to ensure that both sides are strong!

Classes will start with a group warm up and mobility. We want to make sure that as we get stronger we keep the mobility and improve range of motion.

All levels are welcome. Weights and movements will be scaled accordingly. No prior experience necessary. You are encouraged to continue for more than one 12 week cycle, strength is something you can continually work on!

Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6:30pm – 8:00pm from January 8th through April 4th, 2019. Cost is $399. (No classes March 24th and 26th for Spring Break.) 

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