This program is specifically designed for beginners – both men and women. We are looking for people that are fun and friendly and are able to not only motivate themselves but others in the group. You don’t have to have any special skills other than the ability and desire to work hard and have FUN!

  • Must be willing to come to our facility 3 days per week.
  • Must enjoy working in a group environment. The energy at Recursive is infectious. When it’s positive energy, there’s nothing better.
  • Must be committed to making this change. This will not work if we want to see you reach your goals more than you do!
  • Must leave your ego at home. This is a place where hard work is respected. 
  • Must commit to the entire 6 weeks. The first week is hard. We need people who will be here at the end to reap the benefits of all this hard work.
  • This is not a “biggest loser” type challenge. Not everybody will be coming in with the goal of weight loss. All transformations are welcome. 
  • Must respect the rules of the gym. They’re in place to set the culture. The culture is in place to give you the best workout experience possible.

Look forward to a welcoming environment that reduces stress, helps you get in shape through exercise and nutrition, is FUN, and ultimately provides an avenue for ongoing success.

Participants will be motivated, ready to take over the world, and begin their journey to being stronger, faster, and healthier!

Together we will warm-up, learn skills, movement concepts, exercises, basic conditioning, and basic mobility. If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry –  it is absolutely not!

One benefit of our program is that is can be scaled for anyone and everyone, regardless of experience or athletic ability. The only thing you’ll remember will be how much fun you have moving around and breaking a sweat!

Everything is working towards the goal of long-term success. Stick with it and you will be well on you way to rocking all of 2018!

Classes will be 60 minutes long each and will meet 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Cost for the class is $299 for 6 weeks

  • 3 – 1 hour Coach led classes per week for the 6 weeks
  • Nutrition Guide filled with grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, and healthy eating advice.
  • Body Composition Scan to find your body fat percentage and muscle quality (first and last day).

Class Times:
March 12th – April 21st, 2018
Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 5:30pm

Start where you ARE. Use what you HAVE. Do what you CAN.


Join a community of athletes committed to achieving success and improvement in a safe and positive setting.


Come in and check us out – we can chat about the best way for you to get started. No sales pressure.