I have a lot of workout shoes. Like a LOT. Sitting at my desk I can look around and count 7 pairs on the floor, plus 3 pairs in a drawer and 3 pairs (at least) sitting at home.

As a Coach and CrossFit Affiliate Owner, I get a lot of questions from people about the best CrossFit/workout shoes. So, I like to keep up on the newest shoes available. (Full disclosure – Reebok is the only shoe brand that has ever given me a free pair of shoes. But I have been buying Reeboks for many years.)

In general, Reebok Nanos are my favorite workout shoe. They are decent at all the things, not perfect for anything – just like CrossFit! I can lift heavy things, Olympic List, run, jump, climb – you name it!

I really like the fit of this newest Nano. The toe box feels just a bit wider (like they used to be in the first few generations of Nanos). I have large feet (Size 12 in Women’s) so finding shoes that fit is always a challenge. I have to buy men’s sizes in Reebok, but the styles/colors are mostly the same across the genders, so that isn’t a big deal.

I would say these run very true to size. I have 10.5s and they fit my feet like a glove. If you prefer more room, order bigger. I have a little less toe room in my new pair Nano 9s than I did in the Nano 8s.

I have been wearing my Reebok Nano 9s all week. I am on my feet for many hours some days and often times my arches will hurt at the end of 14 hours. I have very flat feet and these shoes have more arch support than shoes in the past (or other brands) but not too much that I get blisters from running in them (because I have no arches and other shoes will rub.)

These are also the BEST cross training/CrossFit shoe I have ever worn for running. As we know, cross training shoes need to be good at all of it, which means they aren’t perfect for anything. These are finally shoes that are decent for running!

I really like the little details of the word CROSSFIT on the heal and the polka dot laces. It’s a small thing, but I do also like these laces better than previous pairs. They are flatter and wider and feel more comfortable on the top of my feet when I lace up for a hard workout.

The rubber outsole wasn’t my favorite aesthetically at first, but turns out it’s pretty amazing at gripping climbing ropes – and I will take function over looks there!

These shoes do have a bit of a raised and cushioned heel (not too much, but definitely not flat like other brands). I haven’t maxed out on a deadlift in these yet, but they certainly work for Olympic Lifting and squatting. For the amount of really heavy deadlifting we do in a gym versus running, squatting, and Oly lifting (and for me standing and coaching), I will gladly take that trade off.

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