Rowing Endurance

Recursive’s Rowing Endurance Class!

If you have completed our Rowing Technique Class (or have prior approval from the Coach), it’s now time to take your rowing to the next level!

Did you know that the rowing movement activates over 90% of the body’s musculature AND promotes the strengthening of the smaller stabilizing muscles throughout the abdomen, back, and hips.

Strength and stability in these areas helps athletes maintain proper form and technique in all of the varied movements we do in CrossFit. Having these muscles fine tuned can help maintain higher paces and power outputs for longer periods of time.

Plus, if you’re maybe looking to drop a few pounds, rowing delivers great bang for your buck in terms of energy expenditure. Since rowing involves muscles throughout the body, caloric expenditure rises quickly.

During maximal 6-minute efforts, athletes have recorded caloric expenditures of 36 cal/min. While this may be achievable in other sports, keep in mind that the the full-body nature of rowing means you’re burning more calories at any given effort level.

You are welcomed and encouraged to take this class for more than 1 session. Class workouts and your athletic abilities will change. Endurance  is something you can and should continually work on.

Classes will be 75 minutes long each and will run for 4 weeks.
Limit 8 people per class.

Cost for the class is $110 for 4 weeks
Cost with a regular Monthly Membership is $55 for 4 weeks

Class Time:
Tuesday at 6:30pm