Rowing Technique

Welcome to Recursive’s 5 Week Rowing Technique Class!

Do you know what 3 (yes, only 3) movements that taller athletes have an advantage for in CrossFit?

Wall Balls, box jumps, and rowing.

Let’s talk about Rowing. Simple explanation, taller athletes have an advantage because they can pull the chain out farther with each pull, which results in more meters.

If you are not a tall athlete or don’t really like rowing, you should really consider taking our 5 Week Rowing Technique Class. Work on that technique and become a more efficient rower!

Over the long winter months (when we row more often because we can’t run safely outside) good, efficient rowing form makes those workouts suck a little bit less.

Classes will be 90 minutes long each and will run for 5 weeks.

Cost for the class is $150 for 5 weeks
Cost with a regular Monthly Membership is $75 for 5 weeks

Class Time:
Day and time varies each session
(check the schedule for next session)