Bring a Friend/Free Trial Class today!

Partner WOD:
In Teams of Two For Time
100/95/90 Assault Bike Calories
100 Goblet Squats
80/75/70 Assault Bike Calories
80 Ring Rows
60/55/50 Assault Bike Calories
60 Push Ups
40/35/30 Assault Bike Calories
40 Plate Thrusters
20/15/10 Assault Bike Calories
20 Burpees

Purpose of the Workout:
Today’s Partner/ Bring a Freind WOD is written as a chipper. This means that you are your partner/ friend will chip away at each set before moving onto the next. You and your partner may also switch who is working on each movement at-will but all sets need to be split 50/50 (or as close as possible).

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