Class Descriptions

Free Trial Class
Perfect if you would like to come check out our facility, coaches, and programs. Movements and workouts will be tailored to those who don’t yet have a lot of CrossFit experience. Focus is on body weight movements and working on getting the other foundational movements down. See the Get Started! page for more detailed information.

Learn all the basic movements and Olympic lifts used in regular CrossFit Classes. See the Foundations Class page for more detailed information. If you’ve never done CrossFit before, this is the place to start.

CrossFit Class
The real reason we are all here. The meat and (sweet) potatoes of it all. Each class consists of a trainer-lead group warm up, skill or strength work, the workout, and cool down/mobility. Classes last one hour and are offered 7 days a week.

Strength Training
Everything is easier if you can lift heavy stuff. We will work on building strength in 4 basic lifts – Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Deadlift and Back Squat. Ancillary work/workout at the end to round out each class. Classes last one hour, twice a week.

Olympic Lifting Technique
Take that barbell from ground to overhead the quickest way possible. Take some extra time to learn and really focus on the technique of the 2 Olympic Lifts – the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Classes are 1 hour long once a week and lead by a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach.

Your body was designed to move. We lose that at some point, usually from sitting at a desk all day or maybe after an injury or overuse or improper movement. This class will help get your body moving the way it was intended to. Classes are 45 minutes long and are perfect after a tough WOD.

Endurance Classes
An endurance sports (marathons, triathlons, etc.) training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness, and endurance sports potential. We will work on proper run or row mechanics, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, and overall care.

Competitor’s Course
Geared toward the athlete who is interested in competing in area CrossFit Competitions or even plans of making it to the CrossFit Games Regionals and beyond.  Focus is on all aspects of competing – strategy, nutrition, high skill movements, and so much more.

Open Gym
Some extra time at the gym to work on those things that you need to. Use the Open Gym time to work on a skill, do a workout you missed earlier in the week, or work on homework from a Skill Session or Specialty Class. A Trainer is on site during that time to ensure the safety of everyone in the gym.

Skill Sessions
One on one, individualized attention. Maybe you want some extra help with handstand push ups, double unders, kipping pull ups or a different goal (we all have them). Maybe you are overcoming injuries or other special needs. Whatever your need, we are happy to meet with you one on one and help you in any way we can. Sessions available for 30 minutes or one hour, as often as needed.

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