Sloan Kessler

cfrpicI chose Recursive after a hiatus from CrossFit after moving to Madison last year. I had let the stress of starting grad school and moving across the country get to me a little bit and I was ready to find a new box  where I could really enjoy myself and get back into CrossFit. I walked into Recursive and Coach Viv met me with a smiling face and I knew I was at the right place. It’s been (mostly) rainbows and butterflies ever since!

I think my favorite thing about Recursive is the sense of community I was able to find outside of a school/work setting. It’s a bunch of really AWESOME people that all have similar goals and mind-frames trying to become better athletes. We can push each other and encourage each other and it’s really a community of support. Not to mention, we get to hang out with Edrick sometimes and he’s the best!

I feel like every day there are new accomplishments. I’d say that the most fun I’ve had so far was conquering my fear of the rope climb. I never had tried to do it before and during our skill month I was able to get a few full rope climbs in (thanks to Coach Cam’s encouragement, of course). It made the rope burns completely worth it!


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