I know a well executed muscle ups look sexy, but there is beauty in nailing the simple movements as well. Especially if you can nail them when tired and out of breath. That is where the true beauty in movement shines through!

You can see it on the person’s face. It is the third or fourth round of a workout. Maybe they have a round or two to go. The strain is written on their face with a large brush. Their breath comes in heaving gasps.

Despite the difficulty, in defiance of their body screaming at them to take a rest, they nail a perfect air squat over and over. Their knees track out over their toes. Their torse stays upright. They could go faster if they let these things slip, but they refuse. They believe that virtuosity in the simplest of movements is necessary.

These people stay injury free. They love CrossFit for years, without any nagging injuries. They know that the muscle ups look cool, but the basics are the foundation that supports all the fun stuff for decades to come.

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