Every Minute for 16:00
Odd: 5 Dynamic Banded Deadlifts (No more than 50% 1RM + medium band)
Even: 2-4 Weighted Pull Ups or Negative

9:00 AMRAP
5 Box Jumps
5 Hang Power Cleans (Medium light) 115/75

Today we have dynamic banded deadlifts. The purpose of these is to lift the bar with some speed and the progressive tension of the band will assist us past the ‘sticking point’ of the deadlift. Then we have weighted pull ups, strict bodyweight pull ups, or negatives. Start a little lighter and get 4 reps and finish heavier with 2 reps.

For the WOD we have a 9:00 couplet of box jumps and hang power cleans. The idea here is that the number of reps are not very high so you will not burn out on either movements.