Tona Williams

2016-06_Tona_TheBluff_PortlandI chose Recursive because it’s in the neighborhood and I pass it all the time on the bike path, so my friend and I finally decided to check it out. It immediately felt like a community and a program that I wanted to make space for in my life.

I love that we are in groups and always look forward to visiting with my morning workout buddies. At the same time, our numbers are small enough that we get plenty of individualized coaching.

I’ve always felt accepted for where I am at any particular time, but also encouraged to try new (even sometimes scary) things and set goals. I’ve never felt like I was in a rut here. As a small woman who had never even joined a gym before, I love that I’m learning to properly use free weights and to work out in a whole new way that is simultaneously fun, efficient and amply challenging.

Push-ups used to be so hard for me that I would curse under my breath in order to get through them. Now I don’t have to do that. In essence, my upper body is fiiiiinally getting stronger!

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