Every 1:00 For 12:00
Power Snatch
*Pause At Knee For :03

For Total Calories
5 Rounds of :30 Row/:30 Rest
2:00 Rest
5 Rounds of :30 Assault Bike/:30 Rest

Purpose of the Workout:
Our power portion today is an every minute on the minute (EMOM) featuring power snatches. The caveat is that we will be pausing with the bar at knee height each rep for :03 after the lift-off. The purpose of this is to make sure we are in the correct position when the bar is at the knee and to strengthen all the necessary musculature to maintain a good position there.

The conditioning portion for today consists of 10 bursts of :30 of work followed by :30 of rest. Five intervals will be performed on the rower and five on the assault bike. The goal here is to maintain a high power output for each interval which will require a little pacing but not too much!

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