Every 1:30 For 12 Rounds
1 Hang Clean + 1 Clean
*Build to a Max Weight

4 Rounds For Calories + Burpees
:30 Assault Bike For Calories
1:00 Rest
:30 Burpees
1:00 Rest

Purpose of the Workout:
The purpose of our power portion today is to see how heavy we can go in a clean complex. We will have 12 rounds to build in weight and want to approach our max around set 10 or we can also use all 12 rounds to work technique.

Our conditioning portion today is all about high power output for a relatively short period of time. We are going to be sprinting on the bike and on burpees for 30 seconds and then will have one minute to recover. Even though 2:1 rest:work may seem like a lot, we are going to have to throttle back a bit and attack each round at about 90-95% until the last round to maximize our score.

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