Hang Power Snatch

21 American Kettlebell Swings
21 Box Jumps
400m Run
15 American Kettlebell Swings
15 Box Jumps
400m Run
9 American Kettlebell Swings
9 Box Jumps
400m Run

Our focus this month is the Power Snatch, today we are going to shorten it up a bit and focus on the power snatch from the hang (just above the knee) position. This will really allow us to focus on that second pull and getting the bar up overhead with the barbell locked out and shoulders active. If you find you can hang power snatch more than you can power snatch from the ground, it tells us that the start position might need some work.

After that, to work some more of that hip power, we will take on 21-15-9 of American Kettlebell Swings and Box Jumps (these box jumps will be lower than what you did yesterday) with a 400m run in between each set.

Make sure you are not sweeping the floor with those kettlebells. Keep a flat back and upright chest. Use your hips to propel the bell overhead. Your arms are just straps used to guide the kettlebell.