My first CrossFit workout? Would have to be EMOM I think I did 5 pull-ups 20 push-ups and 20 air squats. I literally almost passed out. I think this is the hardest workout that I had ever done up until that point because the workout was for one hour straight and this was outside of the gym.

How did I find CrossFit Recursive? Well I was looking through an old goals book I had, and on the first page it said start CrossFit training, so that was a goal that I had never done or accomplished. I typed in CrossFit on my phone in Google and CrossFit Recursive was the first one that I found. I read up on it seemed like a pretty fun and  open community so I came in for foundations and I never left. I love the gym!

What has been the most fun so far? I would have to say doing my first competition and being supported by so many members of the gym. Plus me and my partner ranked 13th In The nation in Burpee box jumps!

Something we might not know about you? Well I grow up in foster homes and group homes. Growing up I got into a lot for trouble and I was not always the person I am today. But I’m glad that I went through a lot of those things. It’s helped me a lot and it made me a better person.

Occupation? I’m a used car salesman right now I’m in the process of opening my own dealership. I got my tax ID and my LLC – oh my company name is called MADz Auto. It’s just so hard finding a physical location that matches my needs and the criteria to pass zoning.

Favorite CrossFit movement? That would have to be the Power Clean.

Least favorite CrossFit movement? Double unders definitely! They are just so hard!

Your ideal WOD? Well I like sprints so I would have to say 10 power cleans with like 190lbs, 10 wall balls and a 200m row. A couple rounds of that with the time cap.

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment yet? That would have to be when I clean and jerked 185 or 195 pounds. I was so excited that I almost did my own bodyweight!

Things that interest you outside of CrossFit? I love to play Ultimate frisbee in the summer. I love to snowboard in the winter time. I love to hang out with friends and just have a good time, chill, kick it, be lazy. And I love working on cars and riding motorcycles – especially riding motorcycles.