First CrossFit work out?
My first Crossfit workout Was at CrossFit Paradox in Downers Grove, Illinois in June of 2013. It was 3 rounds for time of 50 Wall Balls at 20/14 and 15 burpee-pullups. I definitely hit the time cap.

My first workout at CFR was supposed to be:
Front Squats
Push Press
Ground to Overhead

But I Split my head open on the stabilizing bar on the rig while doing a gymnastics kip on one of the bars. I spent the rest of that first class holding a paper towel to my head to try to stop the bleeding.

The first WOD I completed at CFR was
6 Rounds
10 Burpee Broad Jump (70% of your 1RM from earlier today)
30 Double Unders

That one, I definitely scaled the double unders with twice as many singles.

How did you find CrossFit Recursive?
We did CrossFit when we were living in Chicagoland. When we moved back to Madison, we wanted to get back into it so Marnie started googling places. When we read that Recursive had a dedicated kids space, we knew that Recursive was the first place we had to try.

What has been the most fun so far?
The big group events- I loved the competition for Joe and Rina, and I loved doing The Open. The atmosphere at Recursive with so many people there was so inspiring, and definitely reinforced for me how great our community is at Recursive.

Something we might not know about you?
I was a nationally certified gymnastics Judge, and I coached gymnastics for 20 years-until the end of 2013.

Family Medicine Physician at Meriter’s West Washington Clinic in Madison.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Muscle-ups; really anything gymnastic that makes me look like I’m a better CrossFitter than I really am.

Least Favorite CrossFit movement?
Double Unders. No contest. I don’t like them, they don’t like me.

Your ideal WOD?
Something short, a gymnastics movement coupled with a barbell movement.

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment so far?
Finishing 17.5 as prescribed under the time cap.

Things that interest you outside of CrossFit?
Technology, nutrition, science fiction/fantasy, gymnastics, Michigan State University sports.