Partner WOD:
“Hold Steady”
25 Minute AMRAP:
Plank Hold – Push-ups
Bottom of Squat Hold – Air Squats
Pull-up Bar Active Hang – Toes to Bar
Handstand Hold – Wall Climbs
Hollow Hold – Burpees
Arch Hold – Box Jumps

While one partner maintains a hold, the second partner performs max effort reps of the associated movement. Partners switch when the first partner can no longer hold static position. Both athletes hold the static position once before moving on to the next pair of movements, cycling through the list until time ends. Record total number of reps shared between both athletes.

Example: Clyde and Seymour are partners. Clyde starts in a plank hold and Seymour begins performing push-ups. After 2 minutes Clyde stops his plank, Seymour is on his 45th push-up. Seymour then holds the plank position and Clyde begins the 46th rep of push-ups. After 1 minute Seymour ends his plank and both partners move onto the next hold and movement.