October Focus:
Strength: Deadlift
Power: Full, Squat Clean
Skill: Muscle Ups

Sunday FUNday!
Teams of 3
Member 1: Bike 1000m
Member 2: KBS
Member 3: Box jumps

Rotate every 1000m. Score is the total number of KBS and Box jumps.

Today is a fun one! Get your 3 person dream together. One team member will set the framework by biking 1000 meters. The other two members will accumulate reps (your score) during that time. After the first 1000m the 1st team member will jump off the bike, the 2nd team member will start on box jumps and the 3rd team member will hop on the bike.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you can in 21 minutes. Keep your communication up so you can reduce transition times and keep track of your ever growing score.