I started at CrossFit Recursive back in November of 2016. I moved to Madison from NYC to pursue a career as a Police Officer. With my life being pretty hectic as a single mom of a 5 and 7 year old I knew I needed to find a gym that challenged me, had a good vibe, and would also give me a space my kids (or crazy monsters if you’ve seen them around) could play while I workout.

I found Recursive and with the help of the WODs and personal training by Nikole and Cam was able to train and meet the entrance physical standards into the police academy this September!

The toughest part for me was the push-ups and Nikole and Cam worked to help me build my strength and my confidence and achieve my goals. I could barley do 10 sloppy push-ups and was able to meet the standard of 19 back this summer with good form!

I’m back into training and gearing up to hit the exit standard of 23 push-ups in February. I’m stronger now and can see how my training at CrossFit has helped me in academy and will help me when I hit the streets in March. I’m so happy I found Recursive and the community at the gym!

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