Every 1:30 For 10 Rounds
Odd: 10 Kettlebell Floor Presses
Even: 10 Tempo Ring Rows (:03 Descent)

For Time (Cap=8:00)
10-1 Power Snatch
1-10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Purpose of the Workout:
Today we are going to add some variation to our traditional barbell version of the bench press by introducing the kettlebell floor press. Since each weight is pressed independent of the other, this variation is a great way to identify and remedy any imbalances you may have between your left and right side.

The second part of our WOD is a couplet of power snatches and sumo deadlift high pulls. Each round will consist of 11 reps and will be performed in a pattern of 10 power snatches, 1 SDHP, 9 power snatches, 2 SDHP Etc…this should be a fun one that will test of grip strength as well as elevate the heart rate and burn a little!

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