Power Clean
6:00 to get as far as possible
15 Power Cleans 135/95
15 Power Cleans 155/105
15 Power Cleans 185/125
AMRAP Power Cleans in remaining time 205/135
*Must change your own weight

Double Tabata (4 Rounds of :40 on/ :20 off) Rest 2:00 between movements
Ball Slams 20/14
Ab Mat Sit Ups
Hand Release Push Ups
No Push Up Burpees

Today we are going to be working on the cycling of our power cleans.This means that in the first 2-3 sets we should be doing touch-and-go reps and only in that last set should we resort to doing singles. This is good practice for when we see these in a WOD and are trying to go quickly!

For the WOD we have a Double Tabata meaning instead of 8 Rounds of :20 on/ :10 off we will be doing 4 Rounds of :40 on/ :20 off. Because each set is a longer working time, we will need to pace it out more than the traditional Tabata Intervals of :20.